Utilizing state of the art equipment and advanced cleaning products, our highly trained Professionals will rejuvenate your faded stone surface to its original luster. With AllBright Cleaning Service you will see our expertise in every surface we refinish, including lobbies, kitchens countertops, vanities, showers, driveways, and foyers - any hard interior or exterior surface

Our schooled staff will evaluate your surface and determine the most effective process necessary for refinishing.

Whether we use Hot Water Rotary Extraction, High Speed Chemical Polishing, or the Diamond Pad Method, the end result is always customer satisfaction.

Feel free to contact us for setting an appointment with one of our cleaning consultants

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Label the storage locations:

Give every item in your office a place and label and keep it there.

Break room:

All dishes in the break room should be cleaned immediately after a meal.


Remember to clean behind your furniture as well. That strip of dust and dirt behind your desk betrays an otherwise clean and tidy office.