Professional Chandelier Cleaning Service

Chandeliers have been a symbol of luxury and status in the homes of the wealthy since its popularity in the 15th century. Over time, designs and materials of these dazzling chandeliers have evolved and developed into various styles, forms, and sizes. Although presently, this lighting fixture has become more affordable to the working person and it is now widely used at home and in business establishments, these modern chandeliers still continue to provide prestige and elegance at home, hotels, and business offices alike.


Whether you have a glass, crystal, candles or shaded chandelier

They all give a stunning focal point to any room such as the foyer, the living room, the dining room, and even the bathroom. With this, it is important to keep these chandeliers clean and sparkling at all times as it represents your personality and style. However, with the delicate parts and complex structures of these chandeliers, cleaning and maintenance will demand a lot of your time and patience. More so, it may cost you more if not handled meticulously.

Chandelier cleaning and restoration experts

We at All Bright Services is known for our specialized cleaning and maintenance services since we started operation in 1999. Today, we have extended our cleaning and maintenance services in specializing on chandelier cleaning and restoration as well. Our aim is to restore the original glory of your precious chandeliers so they can continue to serve their purpose by providing brilliance and flair to your property.

All Bright Services is a trusted and insured company catering to NY residents. Our team is composed of professional chandelier cleaning technicians that are all uniformed workers. They are all well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge on both detailed machinery and manual methods in providing high quality and reliable chandelier cleaning services. We also pride ourselves in giving back to the environment by only using Eco-friendly cleaning solutions as opposed to the harsh chemical solutions that are readily available at your leading hardware or supermarkets.

We have the utmost value to our client’s satisfaction that we have arranged affordable services and flexible schedules that can cater nights and weekends cleaning. Most of all, we set expectations with our clients by offering free quotation to our potential clients from Westchester County and Long Island to New York City, and its 5 boroughs such as: Manhattan, Brooklyn; Queens; The Bronx and Staten Island.